Encore Erasable WaterMedia

Just Paint!

Watercolor painting is a complex process requiring tedious setup and planning. Wetting the paper, flattening it and mounting it on a slab of wood takes time to do properly. Encore allows the easy removal and replacement of any part of a painting at any time in the creative process. Just set the board on an easel or flat surface and start painting! Experimenting with amounts of paint or water on the brush produces amazing and unique effects.

Freedom From Frustration

Artists often feel that the process gets in the way of their creativity. Since any mistake can completely ruin the painting, they must start the whole process again, which causes frustration. Artists want a product that is still challenging but promises relief from frustration.

A major benefit of Encore doesn’t happen on the board itself. It is something that happens inside you, the artist. Failure is no longer an issue. Frustration disappears. No longer concerned about making errors is great for your self-esteem and very freeing, allowing your creativity to flow like never before.

No More “Saving the White”

Because conventional watercolor paper cannot be erased, painting requires the artist to decide in advance where all of the “white” in the painting goes. Encore is completely erasable back to white and requires little up-front planning. With Encore, the “plan” always works.

Confidently Complete Every Painting

Artists want to freely express their creativity without fear. They want easy, simple, fast, and successful completion of their work without fear and frustration of making mistakes. With Encore, every painting is a completed painting!

Keep the ones you like... and erase the ones you don’t. Welcome to the new world of WaterMedia!