Paint With Peace of Mind

I don’t understand, he told me, “I make a painting and then erase it just so I can make another painting?” 

That’s when it hit me: The Encore WaterMedia Board is not about being able to erase your paintings. But it’s also not about erasing your “errors”. What it’s really about is having the peace of mind of knowing that you no longer have to be perfect to be a watercolor artist. For the first time you, the artist, have the power to make course corrections as you progress through a painting so that there is none of the tension that comes of knowing that you might have to live with a painting that you know could have been just a little bit better. 

There is just something that feels wrong in having to accept less than your very best. 

Encore’s unique feature of being able to remove anything from its surface without leaving a trace guarantees that you will complete every painting that you start and that it will look exactly the way you think it should look.

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